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Even while advancements in computing are continually being made, printer technology looks to be falling behind. Many home-based enterprises also have a need for scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities. Typically, each of these gadgets is installed as its own piece of machinery, necessitating not only a hefty financial outlay but also a large chunk of desk real estate. The multifunction printer, which can copy, scan, and fax, is a relatively recent innovation. Multifunction printers are electronic devices that can do several functions at once, unlike their standalone counterparts, which require multiple pieces of equipment and take up more room and cost more money.

The key to a multifunction printer, however, is that it performs all of these activities well but not to the degree of a standalone device. When looking for a multifunction printer, it's important to consider a number of factors to ensure that it fits all of one's requirements.

Multifunction printers can be either inkjet or laserjet or even color laserjet, so that's the first thing to think about. Droplets of ink of varying sizes are sprayed onto paper or another media by an inkjet printer. Like digital photocopiers, laser printers use a xerographic printing technique to create text and graphics on plain paper, but unlike analog photocopiers, the image is created by the direct scanning of a laser beam over the printer's photoreceptor.