The match page is your primary hub for everything regarding your next playday. You'll handle the scheduling, lineup submission, ready-up and hosting information all there.

During the Calibration Phase your matches will follow a fix schedule, and they will be played immediately after each other - scheduling and lineup tools will not be available. However those are invaluable for the execution of your Main Season.

1. Determine match date

Each match has a default date on Sunday evening, however teams are encouraged to play the matches at a different date, either the week before or after.

The scheduling tool allows teams to easily communicate and agree on a new date, by proposing alternative match times and confirming times your opponents proposed. Your leader/captain can access it right here.

The following interface will pop up.

If your opponents already made a proposal you will be able to select one of them to confirm it. If you do not want to accept any of their proposals you can enter your own suggestions below, giving your opponents a chance to react to them in a similar fashion.


  • If no new date is set by the time of the default match time, the match has to be played at default time.
  • If a suggestion is unanswered for 48 hours, the Primary Suggestion gets accepted by default and becomes the new match date. These 48 hours do not start before the first match week. If you check out your upcoming match on Tuesday, you will not be surprised by your opponents enforcing a new match date.
  • Take care: If your Primary Suggestion is less than 48 hours in the future, it cannot be automatically enforced, since after the 48 hour deadline it will be in the past. Your opponents can still confirm the match date though.
  • If you want to change a match time after it was agreed to once, both teams have to confirm the new date explicitly on the match page and a Support Ticket must be created.

2. Lineup

Both teams must submit a valid lineup until the official match time. Those are the 5 players that will represent the team in the match. Both captain and leader can select up to 5 players from the season lineup, and fill up the gaps with up to 2 standins that fulfil the eligibility requirements specified in the rules.

If one team fails to submit a lineup it receives a default loss, if both teams do not submit a lineup the match gets closed 0-0. The match lineup can be freely changed and adjusted until the official match date.

3. Ready-Up

Each player who got selected to be on the match lineup must confirm his participation around the match time. If at least one player did not ready-up 15 minutes after match time his team receives a default loss, if players of both teams fail to ready-up the match gets closed 0-0.

Players who readied up are outlined in green in the lineup.

4. Hosting

The team shown left on the match page must create the match lobby in Dota 2. If the lobby is not open ten minutes after the start of the match, the other team has to host.

Simply click "Create" under the Custom Lobbies section.

In the lobby you can access and edit the lobby settings by clicking the little cog wheel in the bottom right.

Select the lobby settings specified in the rules. Afterwards you can forward the lobby name and password to your opponents using the hosting tool on the match page.

If your opponents hosted a lobby all you have to do is search for it using the provided lobby name, and enter with the password. The lobby details are only visible to the team members.

5. Submitting the result

After the match is over both teams need to submit the result on the match page. Just select the correct score from the dropdown menu, and upload scoreboard screenshots from both games. If your opponents do not confirm the result open a Support Ticket.

6. Contacting support

If at any point you are unsure about the process or have appeals or complaints to make, please contact the Support Team. To help with this process please make sure all communication between you and your opponents was in English and ideally on the match page itself.