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General Rules

We here at joinDOTA want you to have a great time on the forums. To ensure this can happen we ask you read the following rules carefully and abide by them at all times.

We ask that you:

  • Treat other members with respect
  • Be polite and make well thought-through posts
  • Be constructive in all threads, if you post a negative thread with no suggestion of improvement, the thread will be closed
  • Employ the Search function before you create a new topic
  • Read threads fully before you post in them and engage in ongoing discussions rather than blindly repeating it
  • Try to help your fellow community members out with your own knowledge and by directing them to the right threads/page sections
  • Stay on topic.

We ask that you refrain from:

  • Insulting members of the community, be it of joinDOTA or the general Dota community
  • Any form of being severely uncool including practicing racism, xenophobia, homophobia, elitism, sexism or any other forums of discrimination
  • Spam the forum with unsubstantial threads or posts
  • Creating threads or posts with the intent of invoking a negative reaction
  • Backseat moderation
  • Using the forum as an advertisement platform
  • Not following the Trade forum Rules
  • Violate the law (i.e. with talk about piracy.

We also ask that you keep all posts in English - If we can't read, we can't moderate and have to assume the worst.

If you do these things, we will catch you doing it and moderators will give you an infraction. Further infractions before your warning expires will result in your account being locked. Any more infractions after that will result in your account being locked and your complete post history being removed form the forum.

Trade forum Rules

We abide by the Steam Trade Policy and expect you to follow the rules Valve have put forward. All trades must occur entirely within the Steam Trade Client allowing both parties to see what they are to give and what they are to receive and we do not have the infrastructure to protect you in any other way.

This means:

  • No paypal
  • No cash
  • No trading/selling/gifting accounts
  • No games that can not be traded within the Steam Trade Client
  • No physical transactions

Report Function

There is a report function which allows you to report posts to the moderators. This helps us respond to any indecent quickly and we encourage you strongly to use it. However, if you abuse this function, by constantly reporting posts that don't violate any forum rules, because you personally don't like them or you're just bored, you will also receive an infraction.

Finally; Enjoy yourself!