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StarLadder TV has announced the immediate ban of ruroX.KIS after ru Aleksey 'Solo has been caught betting against his own team for the Star Series match against zRage - roX.KIS lost the game after a suspiciously horrible performance. According to SLTV, Solo has put a bet for 100$ on the eSport betting site He has won 322$ for losing. Proofs have been posted in their news.

The result of the match had no influence on the outcome of the sixth StarSeries season. It's quite common to not play completely serious in such matches. roX.KIS however has been feeding on purpose to lose the game and win money of it. That means not only Solo himself has to be punished for cheating, but the whole team. That includes ru Stanislav 'BzzIsPerfect'
Glushan, ru Vladimir 'Yol' Basov, ru Andrey 'Dread' Golubev, and the stand-in 'dnq'. ru Ivan 'Vanskor' Skorokhod has not been actively involved.

StarLadder has announced the following preliminary punishments:
Solo has been banned from all StarLadder competition for lifetimeBzzIsPerfect, Yol, Dread, and dnq have been banned for 3 yearsThe organisation roX.KIS has been banned for one year.Details are yet subject to change, as SLTV is in contact with roX.KIS to discuss the matter.

joinDOTA is supporting StarLadder's decision completely. Actions like this are unacceptable in any kind of sports. Therefore it's planned to extend the ban to all competitions organized by joinDOTA - including The Defense, Bigpoint Battle, Eizo Cup, jD Masters and more. A final decision will be made after all details are sorted out.


ROX.Kis have released a statement which can be read below stating that their team is innocent of the accusations and asking for a full investigation of the matter. Translation provided by Reddit user, Zoidy_.

We think that the evidence base is very uncertain in this case. We've been able to insist on more thorough investigation of the incident and we believe in the innocence of our players and staff, and in adequate solution on the case.
here they write about what evidence that currently exists:
1. a bet on zRage-RoX.KIS match from an unknown account(which doesnt belong to Solo(egamingbets confirmed))
2. ip of "SMART" isp in Novorosiysk city( doesnt match to Solo's ip)
3. cash out order to Solo's Webmoney account
We found out, that you can cash out(from egamingbets) to any Webmoney account, basically, you need to know its id to do this. And it is easy to find Solo's Webmoney information, because it is public.
After some more negotiations, we discovered that deposit to this account was not made from Solo's Webmoney, so it is unknown who made it. Also Solo's skype was stolen last week during livestream, which made it even easier to get his personal info.
Rox team is being accused of intentionnaly losing this game, however the team did not have any chances of getting to Lan finals, so this match was just a formality.
Solo and Rox team do not agree with these accusations and we continue to ask for a full investigation of this incident(with the help from Starladder judges, players and managers of Rox, and egamingbets). We look forward to understanding of this among our fans, and please do not make sudden conclusions "