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Daniel Offen welcomes Jacob 'Husky' Fifik to the latest episode of Position 6. The support players talked about Evil Geniuses, his growth as a player and the situation in his team. 4 Zoomers is one of the most uprising teams in North America. The team led by veterans such as Braxton 'Brax' Paulson and Nico 'Gunnar' Lopez had an incredible run at BTS Pro Series - Americas #4. Already the group stage brought spot light on the NA squad after finishing second. However, they didn't stop there and had another great playoff run that were only stopped in the Grand Finals by Thunder Predator.

Can they beat Evil Geniuses?

One reason why 4 Zoomers is so good is their support player Jacob 'Husky' Fifik who joined the squad back in March 2020 - these are his first steps in the professional NA Dota 2 scene. Of course a big focus point for him and his team will be Evil Geniuses: Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev and his team-mates will probably need some more time to get back to first place in the region as Husky explained.

So, they're obviously all very individually skilled, but it might take them some time to get on the same page. So, I'm thinking the earlier you play them in the season, the better it will be for us actually. I think we have a better chance against them then Quincy Crew early on for sure, to be honest. But I think we can beat either. So, it's not that big of a deal.

Other than that, they also talk about Brax joining the lineup and his very important input for the squad, his own growth as a player in his first year and the situation within his team.

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