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365 days mean a lot of Dota tournaments, which leads to many next-level plays. We collected some of the best moves in competitive Dota in 2020.

SumaiL dominates Team Secret

Tanner Psi-Blades through Roshan

Topson's casual 3v1 mid

NiP with next level Underlord TP

s4 knows when to call

No[o]ne denies himself

Topson doesn't care about anything

Yopaj steals the Aegis mid-flight

Taiga's Dark Willow defense

MinD_ContRoL Song of Siren set-up

iceiceice master of jukes

gpk saves his Anti-Mage with cheese

MidOne pretends to be afk

Evil Geniuses with big brain base race

Yeah it's another Topson clip

There were of course many more amazing plays. What was your favourite play in 2020?

Photo credit: Valve /DreamHack