Fy decides to stay with ViCi

posted by Sun_Tzu,
After yesterdays news that cn Xuntao 'XTT' Xu had been asked to leave cn ViCi Gaming as well as cn Linsen 'Fy' Xu having left the team of his own volition and in breach of his contract, Fy has today announced that after meeting with the investors of the team and gaining a better understanding of the details behind the scenes, he has decided to accept the teams earlier offer for him to remain with them.

Fy issued the following statement on tencent today speaking of the power of money to corrupt people and of having trusted someone only to find out this had been a mistake on his part (Translation by BurningSera of TeamLiquid forums):

Today I talked to the VG investor and get to know a lot of stuffs that outsiders don't really know about. Money can indeed corrupt people, I regret in trusting someone. My final decision would be staying with the VG family, cheering and encouraging each other in the team. I apologize for my previous decisions, hope everyone continues to support VG.

While Fy has been received back into the ranks of ViCi, XTT is still firmly out of the team, as in an interview with uuu9.com he indicated that the team has been wanting to replace him on three different occasions due to conflicts with his playstyle and that of the "in game leaders", which may be referring to captain and prodigy cn Tianyu 'Cty' Chen. The following is an excerpt of the interview (translation by CountChocula of TeamLiquid forums):

Just now, I saw you and fy announce that you were getting kicked. What reasons did the club give for making you leave? Or did you two leave on your own volition?

The club didn't tell me I had to leave, but I had heard some rumors. There wasn't a clear reason.

Since VG has not announced anything yet, could this have been a simple misunderstanding?

Actually even if this hadn't happened, I wouldn't have wanted to keep playing for them anyways. The club has already tried to replace me on three occasions.

You mentioned on Weibo that someone was replacing you. Could you reveal who this person is?

Apologies, but it would not be convenient for me to reveal this.

On what three occasions did they try to have you replaced? Was it following certain matches?

When I just joined, when ZSMJ just joined and right now.

Your improvement has been very noticeable. Many Dota fans consider you one of the most impressive players on VG. How could this situation have come about? Was it a failure in communication? Or was it an internal conflict within the team?

The key thing is that my playstyle conflicts too much with the in-game captain's playstyle.

Could you explain the difference in playstyle?

My playstyle tends to be conservative, and I favor methodical play.

Your performance on VG has been spectacular. Do you have any plans after being kicked? Will you keep playing professionally?

I'm pretty satisfied towards my performances. I will continue on. I want to win some tournaments.

The full interview is available in Chinese in the sources below.

ViCi Gaming Roster

cn Tianyu 'Cty' Chen (Captain)
cn Gong 'ZSMJ' Jian
cn Chao 'Fenrir' Lu
cn Linsen 'Fy' Xu