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Is it cold in here or is it just some chilling Dota lore? Get ready for Christmas and explore the world of icy background stories with AngerMania's winter hero videos. It is Christmas Eve which means it is time to flee from the freezing snowstorms outside and cosy up in front of a warm fireplace, get some hot chocolate and cookies and relax with some mythical Christmas stories and fairytales. Wait, why should it be the same old fantasy tales over and over again, if the Dota universe offers fantastic lore and great storylines?

Get into the winter spirit with these four ice and snow themed lore videos by AngerMania. No matter if you prefer a drunk fighting polar bear-walrus hybrid, a beautiful snow princess or the most powerful creature that has ever existed, there is a story for everyone to enjoy!

Ancient Apparition:

Rylai says that ice is nice, but Ancient Apparition proves that it is actually the scariest and strongest thing in the entire Dota universe. Yes, Kaldr might look like an ordinary icicle at first glance. But once you take a deep-dive into his lore and origins, you will get the chills.

In DotA, he made his entrance as a powerful mage that got banished into a tomb of ice for all eternity. But when reading through the fragments of his mysterious lore in Dota 2, you discover hints that Kaldr is the oldest and most powerful of all heroes – even reigning over Weaver who created the reality in which we fight all battles for the Ancient.

Crystal Maiden:

Blonde, beautiful, slow, ice cold and with a cute puppy: we're of course talking about Rylai, the Crystal Maiden. The Warden of Icewrack is one of the most popular heroes in the game, but how much do you actually know about the ice princess? We are all aware that she is the sister of Lina and was send away by her parents at a young age because the siblings were fighting too much.

But did you know she was playing and having snowball fights with Tusk when she was younger? Why did she spend most of her life in solitude? Who is her mentor, and does she actually fight against magic crimes?


Ethreain the Lich embodies ice and coldness just as much as Ancient Apparition. But the mage comes with a twist: he has an incredibly evil nature. The frost-mage was so gruesome, even his own subjects despised the tyrant. As revenge, they put him in chains and shackles and thought of a way to get rid of the abomination for eternity. Their plan: throw him into the bottomless Black Pool. But as we all know, the Lich found a way to return...


When mentioning Ymir the Tusk, one can never leave out Bristleback. The two heroes have a legendary history of fights that every Dota player knows about. But why exactly are the two always fighting each other? And how did a drunken Walrus go from enjoying brawls in a tavern to fighting for his life on the most dangerous battlefield in the Dota universe?

Winter Wyvern:

Winter Wyvern comes across as quite soft and friendly in the game – despite being a giant scary-looking wyvern that breathes ice and can literally freeze you in a second and then cast a curse upon you. But Auroth has probably the most surprising professions in Dota: she is a poet. As she suffers from writer's block, she spends a lot of time searching for inspiration on expeditions or collecting books. Another solution for her to rediscover her writing skills would be... eating Axe's companion? And she also has a past with Crystal Maiden?

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