BTS suspends NA team after manager's derogatory speech

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Plasma1337x manager receives much criticism after shooting against SA squads. Tournament organiser Beyond the Summit as well as the team's players take action. The team manager of North American squad Plasma1337x released a critical tweet on Sunday which triggered an avalanche of events. Tournament organiser Beyond the Summit suspended the team's next series in the Dota Summit 13. All players decided to leave the team and form a new free stack. Several Dota personalities spoke out against the now deleted statement.

Plasma1337x fought their way through the NA Qualifiers and were supposed to play against South American squad beastcoast in the group stage last Sunday. Prior to the matches, the team manager of Plasma1337x posted a video on Twitter attacking beastcoast.

The discriminatory tweet, along with the Twitter account itself, have been deleted in the meantime. A re-upload of the video can be found here. In short, the manager called out SA teams in general as they would accept lower wages than NA participants and stated that "these idiots don't seem to understand like supply, demand, economy". The text above the video post was:

We play vs @beastcoast today in @BeyondTheSummit summit 13 #dota with beast coast using cheap South American labour against us.

beastcoast is a North American organisation that signed players from South America.

BTS suspends Plasma

Following the derogatory tweet, tournament organiser Beyond the Summit addressed the action of Plasma's manager publicly and suspended the players from their series against beastcoast, the latter one being granted a default win.

Players distance themselves from this message

Canadian offlaner lukiluki followed up with a statement of his own in which the players apologise for the comments made by Plasma. All five players decided to leave the organisation and continue as free stack with the name No Pangolier.

South American Dota reacts

Many users, including caster Michelle "Moxxi" Song, addressed the controversial tweet and especially the wording "cheap South American labour".

The team manager responded to Moxxi's answer with the official account from Plasma, blaming SA teams for fewer sponsors in NA:

No NA team will get sponsored. No point, when you can pick up an SA team for 20% the cost. Look around. SA players are getting punked by the orgs.

beastcoast's manager Guashineen responded to Plasma as well, explaining that he does not have enough information or insight to make such a harsh statement.

You can find screenshots of the deleted messages on this article from libero.

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