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A Dota 2 tournament would only be a fraction of fun without the amazing casters, hosts and analysts we have. Enjoy the funniest panel moments of 2020, including Slacks as a dolphin, Rich Campbell dancing and Kyle making hot takes.

ODPixel officially becomes a Rap God

WePlay!'s production team has a bit too much fun with Slack's face

Kyle truth slaps with his criticism against Valve

Rich fights against a beautiful sunflower

Kyle calls Nigma a bunch of clowns which aged like milk

Insane production with augmented reality from WePlay!

ODPixel leaks OG's new line-up

Rich seizes every moment

Synderen is overwhelmed by the most beautiful song ever

BSJ is happy about his prediction

Rich and Kyle have a special moment

Envy answers Jenkins differently from how he expected

What was your favourite panel moment of 2020?

Photo credit: WePlay! Esports