posted by Moose,
The Defense continues the tradition to topping off it's torrent of high quality matches with a brand new courier. Cyril the Syrmeleon changes his appearance depending on your faction, and is available through the purchase of a The Defense Season 4 Ticket in The Dota 2 Store. Cyril the SyrmeleonThe shy syrmeleon of the southern isles are rearely ones to travel abroad, or find themselves in a battle, or hitch a ride on an elderly drakefly.

This brave little Syrmeleon infuses your The Defense Season 4 tournament ticket with twice the fun. While he never wavers in his relentless loyalty, his appearance will fully adapt to the faction you play on.

On the Dire side, Cyril will don his fearsome war paint and deliver deadly ordnances through the jagged blight, naturally aligning with their twisted inhabitants.

On the Radiant side, Cyril turns into a stone-carved defender, bright runes coming as easily as his change in allegiance. Braving the lush forests' many dangers, he will leave no arms undelivered.

We would like to express our sincere and dear thanks to our in-house pixel-crafters lilamiez and bukKkk for the concept, concept art and 2D/Texture work as well as the incredibly talented and thoroughly amazing Thiago Vidotto (T_Vidotto) who for sculpting, modelling and breathing animated live into our beloved offspring. We need to hire this guy more often! Check out his Workshop gallery for a fix of more high quality items and couriers.

Of course, we'd also like to thank Valve for their continued support for The Defense and going and extra mile to get Cyril the Syrmeleon out into your games.

The ticket for The Defense 4, powered by EIZO, is available as of now, so just follow the instructions below and grab it off The Dota 2 Store. Over 100 matches between the world's very best teams and a brand new courier await...