posted by NanaKrustofski,
The OMEGA League was one of the most watched non-DPC tournaments with over 400,000 viewers peak. All those spectators witnessed an incredibly entertaining event with high production value and top plays.

Alliance vs Nigma with one of the most insane endings ever

Topson clears the field with a cataclysm ultra kill

zai with an insane heads up play

Fountain? No problem for Topson the mad lad

Alliance dead, still win the game

The entire scene was shook

Snowball save into Rampage

w33 creating space

FTM show that they are boss

gh is a god

Topson blocks Hookshot

Fluff: A new hero is revealed!

Slacks gives us nightmares

n0tail about Secret and EG

Slacks turns insane while casting

Jenkins educates the scene

ODPixel is a true rap god

What was your highlight from the OMEGA League?

Photo credit: Nigma Twitter