posted by freakzjjj, are holding a LAN party in Germany. It will be a three day event, from August 01.-04. with the main focus being on Dota2, but being a smaller LAN there is a possibility to play Warcraft DotA, AoC, CS etc. There will also be a 2on2 Fun Tournament and a OMG Dota Tournament, if people are willing to participate.

Want to enjoy a fun weekend long LAN before watching the pros battle it off at The International 3? DotA-LAN Summer 2013 will be just the right place to enjoy that competitive Dota2 thrill, while having a blast with your friends.


The entrance fee for the event will be 25€ upon signup or 30€ upon arrival. Also the prize pool will be up to 1800€, but will depend on the amount of participants, for example:

150 participants: 1st) 300 € - - -
200 participants: 1st) 500 € 2nd) 300 € - -
250 participants: 1st) 800 € 2nd) 400 € 3rd) 100 € -
300 participants: 1st) 1.000 € 2nd) 500 € 3rd) 200 € 4th) 100 €

Picture of the venue.

Seat reservations are online to apply until June 6th, 2013 , you can find out how to sign up for the lan here and also visit on Facebook


The LAN event will take place in Germany, near Kassel in Nordhessenhalle Volkmarsen , which can fit up to 300 people. The place is easily accessible via tram/train and also has fast food places and shops nearby.

Nordhessenhalle Volkmarsen
Schulstraße 11
34471 Volkmarsen