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The post-TI patch hits the severs! Well, there is no TI and it is only a small patch, but there are still some changes coming to your pubs.

Spectre is only a ghost of her past

Spectre has been one of the most picked heroes recently. Right in the middle of her strength and just before the Arcana vote reaches its apex, Mercurial the Spectre received several nerfs:

  • Spectral Dagger damage reduced from 90/140/190/240 to 75/130/185/240
  • Desolate damage reduced from 24/36/48/60 to 15/30/45/60
  • Haunt cooldown increased from 180/150/120 to 180/160/140

While she loses in the patch notes, she might still win in the popularity contest as only Spectre, Witch Doctor, Faceless Void and Sniper are left in the semifinals of the Arcana vote.

Zeus got Thanos'ed by his own son

The god of the olymp Zeus just missed the top ten of most picked heroes in the last month, but in eleventh place, he still was a frequent visitor in the pubs. He has now been nerfed, but his son takes over his spot.

10 Battle Pass Levels for everyone

So guys, we did it, we reached more than $34,330,068 prize money for The International 2019. By breaching last year's record, Valve awarded all players with free 10,000 Battle Points, which are 10 levels in the compendium.

The levels can be claimed as Level 1 reward and then redeemed in your armory.

You can find the complete patch notes on the official page of Dota 2.

Which hero are you going to spam in your next pubs?

Photo credit: Wykrhm Reddy Twitter