*UPDATE* B8's Lasthero detained in Belarus during peaceful protests

posted by Smyke,
The situation in Belarus escalated over the last days after the presedential election. B8 released a statement that their player Oleg 'LastHero' Demidovich was detained by the police.

*UPDATE* - 14.08.2020

Today B8 announced that their player got released:


Original news

It's not an easy situation for the people of Belarus. Earlier this week Artem 'fng' Barshack tweeted about the problems in his country:

A few days later it seems that B8's offlaner was detained during peaceful protests in Belarus' capital city, Minsk:

So far, there is no news about what happened to LastHero and why he was detained. In the Twitter statement, the organization explains that there won't be any further updates before the morning. Information about his whereabouts should probably pop up in the next couple of hours.

Photo credit: WESG.com