Huge Dota patch: 7.27b brings old hero abilites back

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Kick yourself as Earth Spirit, roam around as super-fast IO or become nostalgic as several abilities got changed back: the 7.27b Gameplay Update is live and ready to be played. The new 7.27b Gameplay Update went live on the servers this Thursday. Usually, b-patches are rather small. This time, Valve brought a giant update with a few item changes and most importantly: nearly every hero received a minor or even larger rework.

Back to oldschool Dota?

Valve often tries new mechanics and skills, but sometimes, IceFrog and his team do not seem to approve of how their experiments turn out. Several abilities got reverted to an older version. For example, Clinkz' skill Burning Army now got shifted to an Aghanim's Scepter bonus skill. His main ultimate got changed back to Death Pact, which used to be his ulti until Patch 7.20.

Treant Protector's Leech Seed is now an enemy target spell again. Chaos Knight's Chaos Strike now has a 30% chance to proc instead of using a cooldown. Tiny's Tree Grab no longer slows his movement speed and has a five charge limit again. And the most important part of the patch notes: Dark Seer's Vacuum cooldown got refined from 60/50/40/30 to 60.0/50.0/40.0/30.0. The toggle feature for Medusa's Split Shot celebrates a comeback as well.

It seems like not all players are happy with the changes, as Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen for example voiced his complaints on Twitter.

Movement speed increased

A lot of heroes received movement speed buffs. Most notably, IO's base speed got increased from 280 to 320, so prepare for a fast ball of light dashing through your pubs. Apart from base values, abilities are affected as well.

For example, Razor's skill Storm Surge no longer provides AoE movement speed, but its passive values got increased from 6/10/14/18% to 8/12/16/20%. Even the sluggish ice queen Crystal Maiden received a small movement buff, as it got increased from 275, which is the slowest value in the game, to a supersonic speed of 280.

Curiosities: kick yourself as ES

As tradition, the new patch also brings some interesting changes no one expected. Earth Spirit now is able to violate the laws of physics as Enchant Remnant now allows him to target himself – and can kick yourself with Boulder Smash.

Clinkz new-old ultimate also comes with a small bug as he is able to eat his own Illusions. As a result, Maurice 'KheZu' Gutmann conducted some lunatic experiments in which he pushed the little skeleton to 18,300 HP.

Valve seems to prepare their player base for the Windranger arcana and buffed the hero to increase the hype: "Focus Fire now pauses firing if you issue the stop or halt commands. If you right click on the target it will resume again."

This means, that Windranger can no longer accidentally kill herself on a Blade Mail. Well, you can still die, but now you can no longer blame the game as it is in your hands to stop attacking. In the past 7.27 patch, Blade Mail received a huge buff as it got equipped with a passive.

The list of changes is extremely long, as nearly all heroes are affected in some way. You can find all detailed changes in the official patch notes, either on the official Dota homepage or in-game.

Which hero are you going to play next in your pubs?

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