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Four BTS tournaments at once means four sources for entertaining highlight clips! Let's take a look at the best plays and moments from the latest BEYOND EPIC: EU/CIS, BEYOND EPIC: CN and BTS Pro Series - Americas #2 and BTS Pro Series - SEA #2.

Insane Roshan play by Arteezy

You don't lose your lane if you don't show up!

Zayac with the big brain tactics

Fastest die-back ever?

Heads-up prediction from Taiga kills MATUMBAMAN

Impressive fight by dnm and Wij alone versus five players from Plasma

B8 set up a perfect team-fight combo but everything goes wrong

Perfect Fury Swipes and QoP Ulti from Evil Geniuses

Handsken with a beautifully timed Supernova

A ghost destroys the Ancient for Fnatic

Puppey PogChamp

business associates overpower EG

Synderen jinxes BOOM

Secret dismantle Nigma in teamfight

What was your highlight from the four BTS events?

Photo credit: BTS Twitch stream