Position 6 special series: Sheepsticked and Reinessa

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For the new episodes of Position 6, our host Daniel Offen prepared something special: The Women in Dota Series. The first two guests are Sheepsticked and Reinessa who share their experiences on working in the scene as women, if the situation has changed and why diversity is important for Dota.

Sheepsticked: The community hasn't gotten better since I joined Dota

Sheepsticked aka Sheepo is a content creator and streamer for beastcoast. She is also known for her YouTube channel where she uploads analysis videos or hero guides.

The episode revolves around her career as a content creator, her thoughts about grinding the leaderboard to maybe go pro one day as well as the status of women in the scene. Sheepsticked is not really fond of the idea to simply hire women to bring diversity into the talent list. However, diversity itself is important to her. She personally is happy about seeing Kaci and Sheever working at events and also receives messages of fans herself who are glad to see a woman contributing to Dota.

In general, Sheepsticked does not see any majorly improved behaviour towards women in the scene compared to when she started playing. She also explained how she has been warned about personalities when she attended events. Sheepo further mentions that people often assume women want to "flirt" their way in the scene and hear prejudices.

Reinessa: "Video games are supposed to be a place where people could relax and have fun"

Reinessa is a freelance host and interviewer who frequently works for DreamHack and Rivalry, as well as a content creator on Twitch and YouTube.

In this episode, she explains the ongoing and constant issues she has to experience during events, meetings and as part of the scene in general. To say it with her words: "Any amount of attention is opening yourself up to harassment. But if you look, sound or act different from the majority, that is an additional avenue of harassment." As a result, she lists some of her precautions she takes when attending an event.

Reinessa thinks that the situation for women did become better because there are more allies and people who have been educated on some struggles. There is more empathy and understanding. She also agrees with Sheepsticked that you should not hire anyone who is unqualified just to fulfill the quota, but there are many ways to include more voices. Reinessa explains that this does not mean we should force to have more on-air stars. Including more people in content creation, the camera team, production or letting newcomers just cast a handful of games and so on can already help.

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Stay tuned for our second part of the Women in Dota Series next week!

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