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More and more affected persons opened up to the ongoing revelations of sexual harassment. This thread serves to collect all experiences and points of view that come to light at the moment. Trigger warnings: Sexual assault, harassment, abuse, rape

After GranDGranT has faced accusations of sexual assault and even rape, an increasingly greater number of people in the Dota scene opened up, addressing the situation or shared their own experience.

All those stories shouldn't get lost, so we try to collect tweets and videos of all people in the Dota scene who opened up about incidents or talked about them in some way. This thread will be updated and if you see any tweets/videos that are not on this list yet, feel free to tell us in the comments so we can add them.

As already mentioned in the previous article: Always listen to people opening up and try to see the situation from their point of view before judging. Also listen to others involved. If you want to contribute to the topic, do so in a respectful manner and educate yourself first. We won't tolerate any hate speech, especially when it's sexist.

SirActionSlacks "Let's talk" addressing the situation and how people should behave

Cofactorstrudel on GrandGrant at a TI afterparty

Wickedcosplay shares the story of her friend being abused by GrandGrant

GrandGrant leaves Dota

Scantzor about GrandGrant harassing LlamaDownUnder

More information on the harassment of Llama

Akke's TwitLonger where he opens up and gives his opinion

Moxxi calls out KillerPidgeon for hypocrisy

Purge on GrandGrant

Purge talks about taking responsibility

Ashnichrist shares her experience with Zyori

Zyori's side of the story (check out the VoD where this clip is from)

Kipspul about Zyori

Streamer HoxieLoxie opens up

Kipspul: Also take men seriously who suffered from abuse

Ken Chen reveals his experience with being assaulted

Kyle's article "Flirting for Morons"

Eleine on her experience with DotaDemon

Alyssah about her time at Digital Chaos

Botjira (artist) shares her experience

Pandora's article "Dota 2's Skeletons and Secrets"

SkimGaming about GrandGrant and racist behaviour

Reinessa's stream "How NOT to harrass women"

Cosplayer Reeb talking about women leaving the Dota scene

Streamer formerly known as TheFluffiestBunny about her abuse

Capitalist nearly breaks down talking

Brax shares his story

Ryuu about Bulba

Wicked about Demon (her original account currently is locked)

Universe makes a statement

Hot Bid Ken Chen shares an experience of another assaulted woman

Meruna explains why she doesn't share her story

Meruna openly addresses that her alleged predator was Tobi

Botjira accuses Tobi

Tobi talks about several incidents

Zyori's response to the allegations

PyrionFlax' take

NightsEndDota shares her experiences from working at tournaments

Former caster PorcelainLily on Reddit, telling her experience of allegedly being raped

Kipspul's statement

Ken Chen shares a Google Doc, going into details of the Tobi/Meruna situation

Demon's response to the allegations

This post will be updated. You can also message me if there are any points of views and stories that are missing on this list, so I can add them

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