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We're taking a look at this week's Position 6 with Jason 'Tanner' Weedon and Dan Offen. Tanner is a crucial part on Peter 'ppd' Dager's team and the first British player ever to qualify for a DPC event. Since joining Ninjas in Pyjamas Tanner played at the WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020 and also would have attended the Los Angeles Major.

Tanner about his first LAN: "I didn't feel too nervous."

Although the Major was cancelled and his team had to go through some changes due to the pandemic, Tanner "still feels good about his team" and the online competition. He enjoys playing with his new squad and even had a good feeling at his first LAN event in Bukovel: "I didn't feel too nervous. [...] I don't feel like I've played any worth than I would on like a normal day of playing Dota."

However, he also admits that placing last at the event wasn't good enough and they didn't live up to the expectations of the community.

"You know what it takes to reach those higher level of playing and winning."

When asked about the difference to former squads such as and Wind and Rain Tanner explains that it doesn't really matter which team you're playing for, because you always need to work hard to perform better. But joining Ninjas in Pyjamas was a big step for the British talent: "Going from to an established org like Ninjas in Pyjamas is definitely a big jump. I did have to check if it's the right guy messaging me."

Especially working with players like ppd is a big advantage of playing for NiP: "He knows what it takes to have a winning mentality." The other veterans in his squad also made a difference for him: "You know what it takes to reach those higher level of playing and winning." Compared to his old style when he played more of a carry midlane, he seems to adapt better to the current meta with space creating heroes.

After playing some time with ppd and the other veteran pros Tanner concludes: "I realise that the skill difference isn't that much different. It's just the experience that's different." This helped him to get integrated fast in the team. He wasn't scared of or intimidated by his popular team-mates. Especially after qualifying for the Major in Los Angeles he felt as part of the squad.

The lack of grassroots community in UK Dota

Since he is the only British player in the professional scene, Dan Offen and Tanner had to talk about the state of the UK Scene and why it's not as good as other parts of the European Dota community. Tanner, who played for years in the UK, has his own opinion on what is missing:

I feel like the lack of a grassroots community in the UK for Dota is one of the main reasons. We don't have any pro or even high MMR UK players. In my personal opinion, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the local tournaments and events I attended in the UK. Like going to Insomnia which is a LAN in the UK... They don't do Dota tournaments anymore. Maybe that is one of the reasons why you don't see many competitive UK players.

Although the LAN tournaments in the region "seem to dry out", Tanner is sure that the UK still has a huge Dota community when you look at the ESL One Birmingham events.

In the Position 6 Podcast Dan Offen and Tanner dive deep into the UK scene and its problems, but they also take a look at his career and what is to come in the ongoing online competitions.

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