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The Electronic Sports World Cup administration have today confirmed that Dota 2 will once again be an official tournament title in this year's edition of the competition. The confirmation also comes with the news that the traditional biggest discipline of the event, the StarCraft II tournament, will not be featured this year due to scheduling conflicts with Blizzard's World Championship Series.
Dignitas applaud Na'Vi as they hold aloft the 2012 trophy

Dota 2 will be one of six games so-far announced to be played at the yearly competition at the Paris Games Week, from October 30th to November 3rd. The news comes as a welcome boost to the scene after the other major annual international general eSports LAN event, the World Cyber Games, disappointingly decided to drop Dota 2 for their tournament this year in favour of rival MOBA title League of Legends. And with StarCraft II not set to make an appearance, the potential exists for Dota 2 to be the headline title of this year's ESWC.

Last year's event featured eight teams, with the heavy favourites ua Natus Vincere expectedly meeting and defeating second favourites us Team Dignitas in the Grand Final to take the gold. However, with the two aforementioned teams being the only major ones to qualify for the the tournament, the quality of the majority of the teams to participate was arguably underwhelming for a major LAN event, and there are hopes that ESWC can produce a more level and competitive playing field at this year's event.