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The WeSave! Charity Play is slowly coming to an end with the EU vs CIS finals being one of the remaining highlights. Nigma claimed their slot at the finals after a 3-1 victory against Team Liquid, packed with interesting hero choices.

Game one: An unstoppable Broodmother takes the lead

Max 'Qojqva' Broecker caught a convincing victory in his web: Liquid took the first game after only 32 minutes with as many as 42 kills.

Liquid scored a kill every 45 seconds in average and a major part of this deadly performance gets awarded to qojqva's last pick Broodmother. He finished the game on a 20/1/8 score line and nearly 22k networth.

Tommy 'Taiga' Le provided a highlight play on Rubick, where he perfectly stole Soul Requiem and Duel to win the team fight.

Game two: w33po dominates Liquid

In the second match, Nigma pulled out a reverse card and tied the series 1-1. They were ready for a counter-attack and simply went for a comfort signature pick on their side in game two: Meepo for Omar 'w33haa' Aliwi.

The strategy worked perfectly and they could trump Liquid's kill ratio from game one: With 41 kills in only 25 minutes, Nigma crushed one of their opponents every 36 seconds on average. Main deathbringer w33po came close to qojqva's stats: He finished the match with 21k networth and a 17/1/5 score line.

Like in match one, Kuro S. 'KuroKy' Takhasomi picked a rather unconventional position five hero and burned his enemies with Clinkz – a strategy he used in all four matches. He went for two Wraith Bands, Magic Wand, Desolator and Power Treads this time.

Game three: Necrophos brings Liquid's death

Another quick victory elevated Nigma to a 2-1 lead. They kept experimenting with heroes and chose Spirit Breaker for w33 while still counting on Kuro's Clinkz.

The MVP of the match was Ivan 'MinD_ContRoL' Borislavov on his Necrophos (7/3/9). He secured Nigma's laning stage, caused second most damage and got second most farm among all players.

Game four: Look at Kuro, he is the carry now!

The final match was a quick 21-minute stomp by Nigma and the team surrounding Kuroky took the series 3-1 with their last victory.

Kuro stuck to his Clinkz and proved how deadly he can be on the hero: With a 15/4/10 ratio, he took home most kills and damage, accumulating nearly as much farm as his carry. He went for the same build as in game two but switched the Desolator for a Diffusal Blade.

Fluff: Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives, the Wifestealer is coming

The EU vs CIS finals are about to kick off!

By successfully conquering the European region, Nigma advance to their next challenge: the EU vs CIS finals. They now have to face CIS champion HellRaisers who earlier took down Natus Vincere 3-0.

You can watch the finals here.

Who do you think is going to win: Nigma or HellRaisers?

Photo credit: WePlay! Esports