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The first day of the DOTA Summit 12 is in the books! Fnatic turned out to be a worthy contender for the title in Los Angeles. Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang played the first two matches of the tournament and didn't lose a single game against Team Liquid and Cloud9.

Meanwhile Team Liquid had a rough start in the tournament: the European team has been considered a favourite to win the Dota Summit competition, but so far they lost two out of three matches. Only the series against Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao's C9 was a successful 2-0. Cloud9 are are the only competitor with a lower placement than Team Liquid. So both teams need to step up their game on day two, if they still want to qualify for the palyoffs.

OG Seed aren't just an academy team

Although OG Seed didn't qualify for a DPC tournament yet, experts and fans were interested in their development over the last weeks and months. The mentoring of Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein and Sebastien 'Ceb' Debs helped the team to build up their confidence and develop their own playstyle.

OG Seed are on the second place after day one with one victory against Team Liquid and two ties. While it was expected that OG would beat Thunder Predator in both games, they actually fell short in the first game. The Peruvians overran them in less than 24 minutes.

Meanwhile they were able to best Evil Geniuses in the first game of their series after devastating 47 minutes thanks to a strong Void Spirit on Rasmus 'Chessie' Blomdin in combination with Zakari 'ZfreeK' Freedman's support Skywrath Mage.

Which team will win Dota Summit 12?

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