EE trapped, iceiceice displays fairplay: Qualifier highlights

posted by NanaKrustofski,
The qualifiers of both the Major and Minor are over. Once again, we witnessed some absolute masterplays by our favourite players. Here are our highlights.

Alliance display an incredible teamfight, Fata with perfect positioning and 33 saving Limmp

YapzOr casually walks out of Chronosphere

Nisha highfives himself

EE is trapped in Sprout and dies

iceiceice offers Adroit time

1 Crystalys is great, 5 Crystals are greater

33's Timbersaw + Iron Wood = Perfect play

444 on IO: "Ight imma head out"

No[o]ne lands a three-man Torrent

Admin ends game because of disconnects

LGD get eliminated, female player Axx advances to closed qualifiers

Sccc with next level play

What was your highlight from the most recent Major/Minor qualifiers?

Photo credit: BeyondTheSummit