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Emotions, visuals, humour, authenticity: There are a lot of components that can be included in a documentary. Let's take a look at some different approaches to give an insight behind the scenes of a team's' journey at a tournament.

EG's run at the Leipzig Major:

Evil Geniuses regularly publish videos to give a view behind the scenes of their esports teams. For their Dota squad's recent run to the second place of DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major, they released the "DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major" documentary, presented by FVBet this Tuesday.

The video impresses with its high production value and visuals. Players voice their thoughts on their opponents and matches directly into the camera. Only the players are talking, we don't get to know the actual questions from the off.

EG's journey gets accompanied by quotes of the casters and short in-game scenes. However, those pieces are in the background and do not play a major role in the plot.

Apart from the tournament and arena, drone shots of the city get interspersed every now and then. While there are several scenes of the team-mates discussing after a match, their conversations cannot be heard.

EG's documentary puts its emphasis on a visual representation of their run at the tournament and the players' opinions. Often, talks are cut out and replaced with dramatic music.

True Sight: Emotions and high skilled plays

The recently published episode of True Sight functions as a perfect example of a different kind of tournament documentation. The plot of the latest episode were the The International 2019 finals between Team Liquid and OG.

Valve's focus is on interpersonal communications and authentic live reactions from the players. There were no specific questions asked that a player could have answered directly to the camera. It only featured the dialogues between the team-mates.

True Sight's storyline gets also heavily carried by ingame-scenes that actively progress the events during the final day of tournament, instead of only being a supporting element. There were also well-produced Dota in-game animations that underlined the importance of specific plays.

While EG's documentary features a lot of environmental outdoor shots that were not related to the tournament and Dota itself, True Sight entirely takes place in the TI arena.

Both videos want to give an insight behind the scenes at tournaments. For True Sight, emotions and a dash of humour are paramount. It mainly focuses on the player's interactions, feelings, thoughts, their plays and knowledge of the game and opponents.

Chaos: vlogging at Leipzig's tourist attractions

Chaos Esports Club also released a video of their stay in Leipzig, but chose a completely different approach. This of course does not fall into the category of a documentary, but it also gives insight into a team's stay at a major tournament.

Their manager Jack Chen filmed a classical vlog of the team visiting the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig. The video starts with a short roster update and then transitions to the players' travel to the monument. Therefore, the video is not about the tournament itself, but the experience a team has after being eliminated.

What kind of video content do you enjoy the most?

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