posted by Smyke, released an article with insight information from several organisations that were invited by Valve to a secret meeting at their headquarters in Seattle. The meeting was about the changes that await us next season. Since Valve started to reform the circuit around The International in 2015, this was the first season without any Major changes. It seemed like Valve finally found a format they want to pursue in future. However, a few days ago it came to the surface that some teams are at Valve's HQ to discuss some huge changes to the DPC.

Valve removes Minor tournaments

The Minor tournaments have always been a problem in the DPC – except for this season. In the first season top teams attended Minor tournaments although Valve intended them for second class teams. But since the teams weren't sure about the qualification for Majors, they literally went to every event.

When Valve narrowed it down to five Minors and five Majors in the following season, the next problem they faced were the qualifiers. The Minor qualifier was right after the Major qualifier which didn't give teams a break. The schedule that was supposed to make things easier, ended up being still very for the teams.

With combining both qualifiers into a big one, it seemed like Valve finally had the Minor qualification under control. However, they still decided to get rid of the Minor circuit in the new system.

Only three Majors and Regional Leagues

On top of that, Valve reduces the amount of Major tournaments back to three like in their first season of the Dota Major Championships. Apparently they took the feedback of the teams and the recent development after TI into consideration. A bunch of top teams didn't consider qualifying for the first one or two Major events. Valve is reportedly going to loosen up the tight schedule of DPC events and qualifiers next year.

At the same time, Valve is planning to establish regional leagues with two divisions to replace Major qualifiers – both Majors and the regional Leagues will distribute DPC points to the teams. It's not clear yet how many teams will be granted with a spot in this league and the size of the prizepool.

Questions which still need to be answered

The size of the league and which teams participate is a question that won't get an answer before The International 2020. It is very likely that the best teams of the event in Stockholm will qualify for this league.

Also we don't know yet if this will be an online league or comparable to the ESL Pro League in Counter-Strike or the Franchise Leagues in LoL. The new system hinges on the question regarding the league system and the involvement of the teams in the next development for the changes.

It will also be interesting to see if the leagues are going to be planned and orchestrated by Valve or if they'll outsource it to companies such as ESL or PGL. Maybe we'll see another League war like it's present right now in CS:GO.

What do you think about the changes?