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Tears and joy are often close to another. The Dota scene 2019 brought us a lot of joy, but also made our emotions rise. We collected some of the most memorable moments of the year.

The most important news: Sheever kicked cancer's butt

Alliance accidentally pick Gyrocopter at The International

Arteezy gets a solo rampage against VG at TI

Gabbi's mum is happy when she sees her son's name on the screen

Emotional interview with N0tail at TI

OG writes history as back-to-back TI winners

Ana plays with 300 ping at Midas Mode

Capitalist lets his emotions out

Fade in tears after his dream ended at TI

KuroKy announces departure from Team Liquid

Kaci joins Valve fulltime

Fluff: Tidehunter screams like a girl

What was your favourite moment in 2019?

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