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New logo, new hope: PSG.LGD dominate the group stage at the WESG 2019 China Finals. Winning all matches so far, they have high chances to become the representing team for their country at the world championship.

Rough start in the new DPC season

After getting third place at The International 2019, it has been tough for LGD. They had to skip the first Major due to Xu 'Fy' Linsen's eye surgery and their comeback for DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major was a total failure.

The team could not prepare to all the changes of the Outlanders Update in the short time and were defeated by a tier-3 team in the Open Qualifiers, being eliminated quickly. For LGD this was a crucial loss: they do not have a single DPC point on their account and chances to collect them are getting fewer.

Now, they seem to have adapted to the new meta and recovered from their defeat. They won all five matches in the WESG China group stage.

In Tusk we trust

The team cleared its path through Invictus Gaming, Team Initial, Newbee, CDEC Gaming and Ehome.Immortal. LGD had the networth advantage from the beginning and kept the upper hand through each match.

Their draft against CDEC was particularly notable, where Wang Chun 'Ame' Yu and Yao 'Somnus' Lu switched lanes. Somnus went for an unconventional Tusk carry and finished the match with a punching 15/3/13 score.

Item's define the role

Somnus went for Shadow Fiend mid in two of the other matches, where he sticked to a classical BKB - Daedalus - Satanic - Butterfly build in both. Xu 'Fy' Linsen also had some interesting hero choices, as the support picked Invoker and Luna. He equipped both with a Sheep Stick, but chose Urn, Force Staff and Gem on Invoker, whereas he rushed Aghanim's on Luna.

Their next opponent will be Keen Gaming in the Upper Bracket tomorrow, who reigned supreme in Group B with a 4-1 score. WESG does not count to the DPC Circuit, therefore it does not grant any points as a reward. However, a successful run could boost LGD's confidence enough to get back on track. The Chinese Finals take place on December 14th.

Which team do you consider to be the strongest in China right now?

Photo credit: Valve, PSG.LGD