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"Balance in all things", as IceFrog likes to create his game. Sometimes, the balance gets highly disturbed when heroes get buffed at an unfair rate, or can be played in a ridiculously crushing manner. We collected five of the most overpowered heroes in 2019.

Morphshaker: a complete nightmare

One of the biggest horrors this year was the combination of Morphling and Eartshaker with Aghanim's Scepter. Morf could jump across the entire map with Enchant Totem, making him nearly omnipresent – or at least too fast to catch up with. The combination was so fearful, rumours say pub players did not even skill Enchant Totem when there was a Morphling on the enemy team.

Magnus: endless Skewer

After the Outlanders Update, Magnus had a short time to completely ruin your pub games before he got nerfed again. With Agh's the cooldown of Skewer was down to only four seconds. As a result, he could Skewer you basically non-stop to wherever he wanted to and even across the entire map into his fountain.

Io: I am the carry now

One of the most surprising picks in 2019 was Anathan 'ana' Pham as carry Io at The International 2019. Not only because it is an usual pick at the most important tournament, but especially because he completely demolished his enemies with his small ball of light. According to coach Titouan 'Sockshka' Merloz, they have not even practiced this strategy together.

Arc Warden: quickest Roshan death

Amer 'Miracle-' Al-Barkawi had a special strategy prepared at the EPICENTER Major. Spamming Spark Wraith with his Arc Warden and Tempest Double, he gathered enough little ghosts to deal enough damage to kill Roshan immediately after spawning.

Night Stalker

When Balanar's Void got buffed, darkness came over the world of Dota 2. NS could farm with more ease when his Void damage was not cut at daytime anymore, getting him more gold and levels way quicker. Once he finished rushing Agh's, he could hunt you down, stun and silence you and there was nearly no escape.

What hero did you hate the most playing against?

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