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More contenders earn their slot at DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major. While some heroes seem to have established their recurring appearance in the new patch, Team Liquid emerged as one of the best teams on the new patch.

CIS: back on track

The CIS region got only two slots for DreamLeague. claimed the first one by defeating AS Monaco Gambit and Team Spirit. Game one against Gambit initially did not go in VP's favour at all. Gambit had the upper hand, especially after winning a team fight and then leading 9k. But despite this disadvantage, VP managed to turn the game around with a successful Rosh fight thanks to Vladimir 'No[o]ne' Minenko's Shadow Fiend and Egor 'Nightfall' Grigorenko's Phantom Lancer. The carry who started on trial basis for VP recently became a permanent addition to the roster.

VP's two wins against Spirit were a complete stomp. They finished game one with a 21/3 score and game two 33/8. Epileptick1d continued juxtaposing on PL and then switched to one of his signature heroes, Ember Spirit, in game two, where he had a strong 9/0/16 performance.

Team Spirit now have to face Natus Vincere again, who they already defeated 2-1 before. Ember Spirit once again made a smashing appearance, as well as Viper who we so far have not seen much on this patch. The winners of the re-match advance to the Major as well.

EU: Liquid are undefeated

Team Liquid seem to be invincible. They did not lose a single map in the entire qualifiers, neither in the group stage, nor in the playoffs against Alliance. Especially Tommy 'Taiga' Le is improving as Jungler – and Max 'Qojqva' Broecker is showing his incredible skill. His Huskar was not only kill-heavy, but he displayed complete control with his perfectly timed Life Breaks and Armlet Toggles:

Alliance still ended up qualifying by defeating Nigma 2-0 in the next round. They join Team Secret, who also already earned their spot by trumping Nigma.

Which team are you rooting for the most?

Photo credit: Team Liquid Twitter