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OG announces a second roster under their name: OG Seed. The legendary organisation claimed every achievement possible and are now ready to share their knowledge with more players to give them the possibility to reach their goals as well.

A new flower grows from concrete

There have already been some rumours in the community of Omar 'Madara' Dabachach and Peetu-Elmeri 'Peksu' Väätäinen getting signed by OG. Those rumours took a detour but have now confirmed to be true: the recently founded stack 4 euros 1 murica have been signed by OG as their seed team. The announcement created such a hype, the community even broke OG's homepage. It was also available on their YouTube channel and quickly gathered more than 35,000 views at the time of writing this article.

Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein also declared the Original Gangsters of OG will not take part at the second Major, but come back for their third title.

Multiple teams: an upcoming trend?

For the DPC 2018/19, there were limitations for multiple teams under one ownership to take part at The International. For this year's DPC, there do not seem to be any specifics in this regard. If the regulations still apply and the seed team will qualify for TI as well, OG might potentially sell them after successfully coaching them.

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It will be interesting to see if more established organisations follow their path and add a second roster to coach them. While Chinese teams often have several rosters and academy teams, for other regions it is not that common. OG's Seed team consists of already experienced members, but it could also be possible to even choose completely unknown but talented prodigies.

What do you think of OG Seed?

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