Welcome to the Outlands! Drastic Patch 7.23 changes the game completely

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The new gameplay update "The Outlanders" has been released and brings fresh wind into the game. The patch introduces the two new heroes Snapfire and Void Spirit and makes drastic changes to the game that will alter the way Dota 2 is going to be played tremendously. At this year's The International 2019 Valve announced with "The Outlanders" a new patch to Dota 2 that was hotly anticipated by the community. Not only would it expand the hero pool of the most challenging MOBA by two, but also promises were made as to drastically alter how Dota is played.

Void Spirit and Snapfire

During The International 2019 Valve already announced that two more heroes will be added to the game. The new additions to the ranks of Dota's heroes bring a lot of skills to the battlefield. Especially Void Spirit has been awaited by the community will a lot of anticipation, because he's the fourth Spirit to join the server. For years we were waiting for him to appear and finally we can play him now.

Void Spirit's abilities

Aether Remnant, Dissimilate, Resonant Pulse and Astral Step – four abilities have been added for the hero.

Snapfire's abilities

When fans first saw Timbersaw's aunt in the trailer, discussions started right away what kind of role the cookies would have – and now we know:

Dota – but totally different

The patch introduces myriads of gameplay changes, including the removal of the side shops, a new courier mechanic with implications on the economy, new random item drops from neutrals, heroes balance changes and much more. Here is a list with the most important novelties.

Your courier levels up with you!

One of the biggest game changers might be the introduction of the new couriers. At the beginning of a game, each player now has their own courier automatically – there is no need any more to buy it! What is more, the courier increases in levels when your hero does, too. Each level-up increases its health, movement speed and GPM.

In addition, every five levels, it gains special abilities such as flying, speed burst, using wards, shielding, and eventually the ability to use items – this alone makes for an entirely new meta, as the courier as a kind of a side hero. As a consequence, Valve adjusted all the numbers, so that your loyal servant now starts of with less speed and health but increases in power steadily.

Level 30 is the new 25

The max level has been increased from 25 to 30. The new max level grants a special ability that makes your hero even more powerful: you'll have access to all your talent tree skills, making you basically a god. At the same time, Valve removed complete spell immunity (100%) from the game which makes spell resistant enemies at least somewhat vulnerable.

New neutral buildings: Outposts

In the new patch, the side shops at the top and bottom lane have been removed. Instead, you'll find new neutral builds there now: the Outposts. This building can be conquered by your team and grants you and your mates 5*minutes of the game of XP. Just like the bounty runes, the bonus will refresh every 5 minutes and unlock once 10 have passed.

Taking control over an Outpost takes about 6 seconds but requires less time if you are joined by your allies. Also, it grants true sight in a small radius.

The game didn't change that drastically for quite some time. If you want to see and inform yourself about all the other small and big changes click here.

What is your first take on the patch?

Photo credit: Valve