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Korean organisation T1 signed two new players: Johan 'pieliedie' Åström and Christian John 'Skadilicious' Abasolo. Three of the former players left the team after mediocre results. So far there have not been any official announcements, but the new additions were recorded at Dota 2 Major registrations. Both players got added yesterday, on November 13.

Dota 2 Major Registrations

Skadi hasn't made a name for himself in the professional scene yet. Before joining T1, he played on two Filipino teams, OB Esports x Neon and Lowkey Esports and mostly competed at minor or local tournaments where he mainly stood out due to his Terrorblade plays.

Johan 'pieliedie' Åström on the other hand is a player of quite some renown. He has been part of the scene since the old DotA times in 2007. He achieved many major results on various well-known teams, most notably at the MLG World Finals 2015 and the The Shanghai Major. Back on Team Secret, he already joined forces with T1 team-mate Sang-Don 'FoREv' Lee. After going different ways for three years, they are now finally reunited.

"Korean Dota 2 is dead"

TNC Predator's support player Tae Won 'March' Park made a brutal statement in a recent interview with AFK Gaming. He explained his harsh judgement in a foreshadowing manner:

"There are no new players, the same players from TI5 are just playing in different teams. T1 isn’t really focussing on the Korean Dota ecosystem, it is focussing on having a good Dota team. They’re not strict on having five Korean players."

As it now turns out, March was not completely wrong with his statement. The legendary organisation T1 entered the Dota 2 scene in August 2019. However, only Sang-Don 'FoREv' Lee was announced as a regular player. For the VKGAME Battle Of Dawn and the Hainan Masters League, he was joined by mostly Korean players. In neither of the tournaments was the team able to produce outstanding performances. After these mediocre results, the team seems to set a new course where they do not solely focus on players of Korean descent anymore.

Who do you think will join the players?

AFK Gaming: Interview with March
Photo credit: Epicenter, T1 Twitter