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The DOTA Summit 11 is over and all teams could gain experience from the first DPC 2019/20 event. Spectators could also learn a few things: we gathered some of the key takeaways from the Minor.

"Emo is the next big Chinese superstar"

Sumail 'SumaiL' Syed Hassan predicted it first: Invictus Gaming's midlaner Zhou 'Emo' Yi, formerly known as HAlf, is a superstar in the making.

He astounded in several manners, but his match as Invoker against paiN Gaming probably is the best way to showcase his talent. After only 16 minutes, he had 15 kills, 11.1k networth and 770gmp on his account - which is the world record for professional Invoker matches. His killheavy performance also levers him to the top of the KDA list: with a score of 8.04, he was the best player at the Summit 11 according to KDA.

Earthshaker x Morphling still needs to be nerfed

The combo once again brought terror to a few games in the Summit. Chaos Esports Club eventually managed to prevail over the feared heroes against Geek Fam. But even in a loss Marc Polo Luis 'Raven' Fausto got the most kills in the game with his 15/3/2 Morphling. Chaos put all their forces on Morph to kill him. And after his death, Geek Fam's other cores, such as their Rubick Mid, were simply not strong enough to defeat Chaos. Apart from this victory, ES x Morf reign over their opponents.

Europe keeps struggling

Ninjas in Pyjamas did not have a good run at the Minor. After standing 2-4 in the group stage, they could not even advance to the main event. They could only defeat paiN Gaming, who had to play with a stand-in. While some players are still lacking experience, they also seem to not be on the same level skillwise than their opponents. After several mediocre performances so far, it is up to see whether the teams stays together long-time, or if Peter 'ppd' Dager will make some changes. Some of his former team mates from Evil Geniuses are currently free agents and the next Major qualifiers are not too far ahead.

In group B, The Greek Ad Finem had a similar devastating experience. Once the fan favorites at the finals of a Major, they could now only win one out of five maps in the group stage. Without the big tier 1 names, the European scene seems to lack dominant successors.

What could you learn from the Dota Summit 11?

Photo credit: Invictus Gaming Twitter