Summit 11: IG withstand Hell and Chaos

posted by NanaKrustofski,
The first DPC event, the DOTA Summit 11, is slowly coming to an end. Three teams are still in the race for the trophy, as well as the last slot for the MDL Chengdu Major: Chaos Esports Club, HellRaisers and Invictus Gaming.

Invictus Gaming vs HellRaiser: 85 minutes just to lose in 8 seconds

So far, Invictus Gaming had an extremely dominant run. In the group stage, they only lost a single map - against jfshfh178 in the group stage. Otherwise, they managed to secure every single match.

However,HellRaisers could slowed down their run in the playoffs, resulting in a 2-1 for IG. HR already pushed the Chinese team to their limits in the first match which lasted for 85 minutes. Alik 'V-Tune' Vorobey sundered them from their lives with his 23/5/14 Terrorblade and HR eventually pushed the highground, nearly destroying the Ancient.

Being so close to victory, they eventually fell short after a decisive teamfight with eight buybacks. IG could turn the game around in the last second. They also contributed to the highlight of the game which was snatching Cheese and Refresher shard from HR's Rosh with the courier:

Neither Hell nor Chaos can bring IG down

IG continued their journey in the upper bracket against Chaos Esports Club. They learned from their mistakes against HR and improved their performance, leading to a clear 2-0 against Chaos. These games were a lot less kill heavy and crazy than against HR.

Both games started quite evenly, until IG could eventually take the lead. In both games, Chaos put their faith into Gyrocopter, but neither as midlaner nor as carry it worked out for them. Now, Chaos meet Hell in the lower bracket finals. The winner has to face IG again. Neither of them could overcome the Chinese team so far, but it will be interesting to see who will have a chance for revenge.

What has been your favorite match so far at Dota Summit 11?

Photo credit: Beyond the Summit Twitter