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All games of the ESL One Hamburg 2019 group stage have been played. Tournament favorite TNC Predator are still on top of Group B - but they are not invincible anymore.

Five Meepos were not enough against VP versus Alliance started with a win for the Swedish team, maybe also because Vladimir 'No[o]ne' Minenko accidentally sold his Maelstrom. Nikolay 'Nikobaby' Nikolov had another strong play on Faceless Void. For the second match, Neta '33' Shapira tried to surprise with a Meepo pick. However, he could not poof his way through VP with a low 5/6/4 score. In the end Alliance dropped this game.

TNC finally vulnerable

For TNC Predator, the road so far went completely flawless. The underdogs Wind and Rain finally stopped TNC's crushing run with a 1-1 result. They already pushed TNC back in the first game by having the networth advantage for 25 minutes - until the Filipino squad turned the game around after winning a team fight and the game afterwards. But Wind and Rain did not just accept that loss. They got their revenge in game two: with a Dimitry 'Nefrit' Tarasich 15/1/15 Bloodseeker and Irakli 'W1sh-' Peranidze's Huskas plays, they could finally force TNC's first loss in this tournament.

Winning did not save Quincy Crew

Team Liquid's journey is already over now. The 2-0 loss against Quincy Crew, who also fell short in the final score and got eliminated, was their final blow. Game two was a clear quick 23-minute stomp. Arif 'MSS' Anwar stole all of Liquid's spells and dreams with his 6/0/15 Rubick.

For the eight remaining teams, the ESL now continues in the double-elimination playoffs. Vici Gaming and AS Monaco Gambit will initiate the upper bracket games.

Who do you think has the best chances in the playoffs?

Photo credit: ESL, Helena Kristiansson