posted by Tezzeret,
eu Kaipi and de mousesports will be bowing out of the G-1 League Western qualifier after being eliminated from the tournament by Team Liquid and Dignitas respectively. A short recap of the games played today available below.

Due to scheduling conflicts caused about by the postponement of the G-1 League Western qualifiers brough about by the DDoS attacks, Kaipi vs Fnatic was played yesterday alongside the ua Na'Vi vs us Dignitas. The game wast streamed earlier today via a replay. Fnatic proved to be the better team by beating Kaipi 2-1 and sending them to the loser's bracket. An interesting thing to note is that Kaipi drafted Ursa for two of their three games, a hero that ca Jacky 'EternalEnvy' Mao have been said to be playing a lot in public games.

us Team Liquid managed to take out Kaipi in the loser's bracket in two straight games thanks to some amazing Clockwerk play by us Sam 'Bulba' Sosale, landing all the important hooks and us Steven 'Korok' Ashworth playing a phenomenal Templar Assasin in both games.

The other game of the loser's bracket sees two rather one-sided game followed by a more even deciding game three. Dignitas forced the GG on mousesports at just 18 minutes into game one with a 14-1 kill score. Game two saw the tide turn in favour of mousesports as the trio of Clockwerk, Magnus and Lion making big plays during the early stages of the game, killing of hero after hero and then escaping with a silver of health left.

With elimination just a game away, both teams decided to play it safe and go for their more comfotable heroes. The Germans opted for Phantom Lancer as their carry with Clockwerk and Magnus as their initiator while Dignitas went for dual carries by picking up Luna and Gyrocopter. The game started of with much agression, both teams trading kills all around the map but soon died down around the 30 minute mark to give room to their respective carries to farm. In the end mousesports had to call GG at 43 minutes after getting team wiped twice thanks to us Ioannis 'Fogged' Loucas stealing and landing crucial spells on Rubick.