While we're waiting for True Sight... the best Post-TI team content

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The wait for True Sight will be long. In the past two years Valve's documentary has always been released around the end of the year. To fill the gap we'll help you out with team content from the best.


Right now, the most popular film is probably OG's documentary made by their sponsor Red Bull. This is the first backstage footage we saw of the back-to-back TI champions and how they made their incredible run.


Alliance's run at TI9 was short and sad, but the Swedish organisation still decided to post their best content from the tournament. It shows the draft and game of their only main stage match and how one small mistake probably cost them a better placement in Shanghai - and who thought that this would be the last tournament we see of the five boys play in the jersey of Alliance.


The Russian veterans came to TI9 as a favourite – it was the third time in a row that experts counted them in the small group of teams that could actually win the Aegis. However, Virtus.pro didn't achieve as much as many predicted.

They were kicked out in Round 2 of the Lower Bracket. Afterwards, the players decided to split up. Right now, only Vladimir 'No[o]ne' Minenko and Aleksey 'Solo' Berezin are still playing for Virtus.pro. However, they don't hold back their footage from TI9 and created their own version of True Sight.

Natus Vincere

It's not really a documentary, but Natus Vincere still made some great content during TI9 with some behind-the-scenes content:

From which team would you like to see a documentary?

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