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The second and final day of RaidCall EMS One kicked off with the semi-final games between up and coming team ru RoX.KiS against the collection of Danish veterans of dk Absolute Legends followed by the German powerhouse de Mousesports going up against the new team of their former captain, ua Na`Vi.

KuroKy from Na`Vi holding up the trophy

The day was then capped off with a best-of-three Grand Final, in which the winning team would walk away with the first prize of $12,000, with $7,000 going to the second place team.

Image links to Coverage page for EMS One along with the complete standings

dk Absolute Legends vs. ru RoX.KiS

RoX got their hands on one of their strong laning and snowball lineups, while aL was looking to hold on until the mid game where big ultimates like Chronosphere, Reverse Polarity and Call Down would be able to give them an edge in teamfights. Sensing that they had the advantage, RoX decided to disrupt the farm of dk Jonathan 'Unicornxoxo' Arge on Faceless Void, RoX sent the lifestealer trilane on the offensive, and as they got the better trade from this lane as well as ru Andrey 'Dread' Golubev on Batrider and ru Aleksey 'Solo' Berezin on Queen of Pain dominating their 1v1 lanes, aL began to feel the pressure, unsure whether RoX would even allow them to even reach the mid game. This lead the Danes to try and find openings to fight, even as their lineup might have required them to wait for RoX to initiate into them, but the great reactions and rotations from both Solo and Dread turned the aL intiation attempts against them, allowing RoX to get far ahead on kills. As the teams headed into the mid game, RoX was so far ahead that when aL's lineup should have been able to start taking fight with the right execution, it was only enough to force trades without truly being able to dent the lead of the Russians. As they closed out the first game in convincing fashion, there's one more player who needs to be lifted out from the RoX lineup, as ru Ivan 'Vanskor' Skorokhod on Rubick was just on point in each fight for his team, stealing gamechanging ultimates and having impeccable positioning, he formed the backbone which allowed the core heroes to shine.

For the second game of the series, aL picked up what they felt would be stronger early game heroes, but RoX once again had the answer, getting the Lifestealer offensive trilane as well as Putting Solo on Silencer up mid against dk Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg on Queen of Pain as well as sending ru Stanislav 'BzzIsPerfect' Glushan to bot lane with Gyrocopter to face off against dk Brian Mania' Strandby on Nature's Prophet. Once more with the early game lead, RoX proceeded to take the advantage in early skirmishes, but as the teams headed into the mid game, aL was able to find a lot more favourable trades than in the previous game, most notably being able to trade Melee Barracks for Melee Barracks at the 26 minute mark, as they realized they were unlikely to be able to hold straight up agains the Russians pushing power. However, not long after RoX walked in mid, and without the option of a quick trade this time around, aL had to try and defend, but were unable to outlast their opponents or clean up the low health RoX, as they backed off with three kills and a lane of Barracks in their pocket. With this, the death knell of the Danes was sounded, as the next time RoX returned to their base, there was no longer any turning them back, as aL had to admit defeat for the second time around.

RoX.KiS advance to the finals with a strong 2-0 showing over Absolute Legends.

ua Na'Vi vs. de mousesports

mouz decided to play their usual one core strategy with Phantom Lancer being picked up for de Dominik 'Black' Reitmeier and picking up Alchemist as their support which they used to much success in previous games. Meanwhile Na'Vi picked up Lifestealer and Gyrocopter for their core heroes and Shadow Shaman for their support, a hero that has not seen much game time in recent times. Mouz had a rocky start right off the bat, having given up first blood at mid to a triple smoke gank from Na'Vi with Lifestealer, Chen and Shadow Shaman. The game soon snowballed from there with ua Alexander 'XBoct' Dashkevich farmed up a quick Hand of Midas to ensure his late game farm and Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin getting a quick Blink Dagger at 13 minutes. With Na'Vi's relentless agression onto mouz, the Germans could do nothing but conceded defeat to Na'Vi at 38 minutes.

Both Na'Vi and mousesports went for a more standard picks in game two. Na'Vi picked up Juggernaut and Storm Spirit for their core while mousesports went for Puck and Gyrocopter as their core. Game started off really slow, both teams refusing to engage early on, instead opted to allow their respective carry to farm. First blood was drawn by mousesorts on XBoct at around the 6 minute mark after a great Rubick and Gyrocopter combo on the bottom lane. A couple minutes later, Dendi showed off an impressive Storm Spirit play by using the terrain to his advantage, scoring a quick double kill. From then on Dendi continues to make big plays for his team, zipping in and out of the teamfights to secure kills after kills bringing them ahead with a 18-9 kill score at 19 minutes. The game soon snowballed out of control for mousesports and the GG was called.

Na'Vi advances to the finals with a 2-0 match score over mousesports. Do note that only one match so far has gone a full 3 games.

ua Na`Vi vs. ru RoX.KiS

Grand Final

Na`Vi started out with ua Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich on Lone Druid using his Spirit Bear to disrupt multiple waves of creeps from both mid and bot lanes, finally allowing the veritable army of creeps to march down the bottom lane, which ended up backfiring as it netted RoX two early towers for Bzz on Gyrocopter as well as tying up the Na`Vi supports, which meant there was no rotations to gank mid and disrupt the early game of Solo's mid Warlock. With everything going perfectly for RoX in the early game, their strong ultimate combination of allowed them to control teamfights with Wall of Replica, Call Down and the core spells of Cogs and Fatal Bonds picking Na`Vi apart. As RoX knocked on the Barracks of the Ukrainian team, Na`Vi called the 'GG' without scoring a single kill in the very careful game.

Na`Vi went for a offensive trilane, but as XBOCT on Phantom Lancer was finding no farm early on against the Enigma played by Dread, Na`Vi had to go help out at bottom lane. However, as RoX tried to gank mid, a big Reverse Polarity by Dendi followed up by his supports swung the mid lane advantage to Na`Vi, and with XBOCT being able to quickly ramp up his farm, Na`Vi took control of the game. But just as it looked as if Phantom Lancer was getting too big and the game was getting away from RoX, they managed to find some decent fights which lead into a Roshan kill, giving them a path back into the game. But big Reverse Polarities by Dendi and spot-on plays by de Kuro 'KuroKy' Takhasomi on Rubick won Na`Vi the next few fights, with a big teamfight in the Radiant jungle ending in a full team wipe of RoX being particularly devastating. Solo on Gyrocopter would have hoped he had the means to buy a Divine Rapier at this point, but as he was unable to farm without dying, no hail marry play would be seen, as Na`Vi eavened out the series.

RoX went for a offensive trilane around Dread's Axe, sending Bzz on Lifestealer to bottom lane, expecting to face ua Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov on Beastmaster, but Na`Vi read the lanes of RoX and instead sent Dendi bot with Templar Assassin, resulting in favourable lanes for them. With KuroKy playing another exceptional game on Rubick, and the questionable choice from Axe to forgo the level 1 Counter Helix, Na`Vi got the early kills on the trilane, allowing them to take over the game, proceeding to dismantle their opponents at every step, through great presence on the map and the superb play of Dendi, who went from winning his lane with a solo kill on Bzz to becoming so farmed that anything less than the whole team of RoX would struggle to claim kills on him. With XBOCT farming away happily on Phantom Lancer for the second game in a row, they also had the stronger late game, and proceeded to almost toy with their opponents, as their lead was so great the end was all but inevitable, as indeed RoX eventually called the final 'GG' of the tournament.

Congratulations to Na`Vi who defeat RoX.KiS 2-1, claiming the $12,000 first prize.

RaidCall EMS One Final Standings

1st - ua Na`Vi - $12,000
2nd - ru RoX.KiS - $7,000
3rd-4th de Mousesports and dk Absolute Legends - $4,000
5th-8th - $2,000

RaidCall EMS One Spring Season Finals Bracket