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First day of RaidCall EMS One is over, as we saw dk Absolute Legends vs. fi Rat in the Dark and ru RoX.KiS vs. fr dd.Dota for the upper half of the bracket while in the bottom half of the bracket se The Alliance matched up against de Mousesport and eu Fnatic.EU took on ua Na`Vi.

Games will continue tomorrow at 12:00 CEST with Absolute Legends taking on RoX.KiS.

Image links to Coverage page for EMS One along with the complete standings

dk Absolute Legends vs. fi Rat in the Dark

The Finns got off to a strong start, with their offensive trilane working nicely and them finding farm on all three core heroes, while aL was having some communication issues in early gank attempts, failing to quite capitalize on their Nature's Prophet pick-up. However, as the first large teamfight took place as aL were trying to force a Roshan, the teamfight execution betrayed the less experienced Finnish team, as aL cleaned up the engagement and proceeded to claim the first Roshan, slowly overtaking the Finns on net worth as well. From this point onwards, everything seemed to come up aL, as even when the Finns were able to find somewhat advantageous openings dk Brian 'Mania' Strandby on Dark Seer and dk Christoffer'Ryze' Winther would be there to shut the Finns down. Eventually, the pushing power of Dragon Knight and Nature's Prophet was able to break the base, and aL secured a convincing game 1 victory.

Rat in the Dark went for another aggressive trilane around a Magnus, and managed to disrupt the farm of dk Jonathan 'Unicornxoxo' Arge on Spectre. However, in middle lane dk Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg on Clockwerk quickly emerged as the stand-out player of game two, as he won mid lane against Nature's Prophet and proceeded to run the map with absolute impunity, racking up kills and keeping down the Finns. This in turn gave Unicorn the space he needed to get back in the game, and with deadly consistency, the Finns were pushed out of the tournament by the Danes, who were looking quite confident.

Absolute Legends advance with a 2-0 win over Rat in the Dark.

ru RoX.KiS vs. fr dd.Dota

RoX went for a strategy with two very mobile supports, who were rotating between helping out on the offlane and the safelane, but with strong early performances from ro Alex 'ComeWithMe' Craciunescu on Enchantress, dd took control of the early game, making life hard for the offlane Weaver as well as finding kills on Night Stalker during his first night time. But just as everything looked to be out of the hands of the Russians, their mid game teamfight potential started kicking in, with Cogs disrupting the flow of fights, Call Down dealing big damage and forcing back aggression and ru Andrey 'Dread' Golubev on Weaver using his great mobility to clean up in fights, allowing RoX to get back in the game in a big way over the span of mere minutes. After this point, great teamfight control coming out of ru Ivan 'Vanskor' Skorokhod on Keeper of the Light, and the sheer ability of RoX to disrupt dd's aggression and prevent Magnus from ever finding good openings kept the game steadily going the way of the Russians, who ended up with great farm on both Gyrocopter and Weaver, along with the tanky Night Stalker, dd never had the damage to kill off all three cores, which meant that invariably the French could not win teamfights, allowing RoX to claim game one.

For the second game, RoX got almost an ideal lineup for their style of play, and as they also got the great start with two kills before the opening horn sounded, their Brewmaster, Keeper of the Light and Shadow Demon trilane would run the early game, allowing them to bring the aggression without ever letting up, racking up the kills as well as effectively winning all three lanes. With the great start, ru Aleksey 'Solo' Berezin playing Tinker proceeded to just take over the game, being everywhere and picking off heroes all over the map. Along with ru Stanislav 'BzzIsPerfect' Glushan on Lifestealer, Solo put on a show for the fans, silencing doubters of this up and coming Russian team. The only times that dd were able to stand up against the onslaught was when they got their combination of Chronosphere and Call Down off correctly, but as the game went on and they fell further behind, even this wasn't enough damage to make much of a dent, as RoX took a convincing second game victory.

RoX.KiS defeat dd.Dota 2-0 and push through to the semi-finals.

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se The Alliance vs. de Mousesports

Both teams decided to go for strong safe lane carries, which meant that de Max 'qojqva' Broecker on Lifestealer ended up having a really hard early game, with the Alliance supports pulling and denying him much of any farm. But as Mouz supports started to move around, they managed to find crucial kills in mid, and with de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier on Alchemist getting an early Hand of Midas and shooting ahead on net worth, Mouz were in a strong position heading into the mid game. With de Adrian 'FATA' Trinks also pulling off clutch Reverse Polarities in every engagement, the farm of se Jonathan 'Loda' Berg also stalled, while qojqva crept up from behind at the same time as Black doubled up the next highest net worth and then just kept on going. Even the combination of Dream Coil and Call Down did nothing for the Swedes to try and win teamfights, as the Germans eventually invaded their highground and forced out the 'GG' in a surprisingly one-sided game.

The Alliance managed to get their hands on their Ogre Magi and Magnataur strat for game two, and sensing the weakness of a supporting Alchemist from Mouz, they decided to challenge Black's farming Anti-Mage. The Germans needed a strong start to push back this challenge, and on the back of qojqva's Nature's Prophet teleporting in, they found not only first blood on Lifestealer, but also two more kills later on, winning them the trilane, although at the expense of se Henrik 'AdmiralBulldog' Ahnberg winning bottom lane with his Lone Druid, especially as he managed to punish qojqva twice for positional mistakes, getting the solo kills. While Loda wasn't getting the best of farm, the strength of Bulldog with both Empower and Bloodlust on his Spirit Bear was the true focus of the game, along with good Reverse Polarities coming out of se Gustav 'secret4' Magnusson (watch the pre-game interview people! ;)) playing his usual rock solid Magnus. This allowed the Swedes to force their way into the base of Mouz with very little opposition, dropping the top lane Barracks, and as they eventually returned for the bottom lane, nothing remained but for Mouz to call the 'GG'.

The Alliance got their hands on Keeper of the Light and Nyx Assassin and feeling that they were strong against a Lifestealer challenging lane, they last picked a Spectre for Loda. However, as they kept doing single pulls, the lane kept on getting pushed slightly, which lead to Black on Lifestealer to getting good farm while Loda was suffering, along with qojqva winning his solo lane against Bulldog this time around and FATA getting a strong start in mid, everything was coming up Mouz during the lanes. Capitalizing on their lead, Mouz played very confident in the mid game team fights, pushing their heroes to the limit with both Black and qojqva shining with pick-off's at the edge of life. Alliance needed a big teamfight win at this point for them to be able to keep the game going long enough for Loda to catch up, and they found one at bottom lane, isolating and picking off Mouz in a fashion that didn't allow them to do the cleanup that they had in previous fights, instead dying 0-5. But the joy was not long lived, with Mouz getting a slight advantage in the next fight and turning it into a Roshan kill, before resuming their dominance of the mid game skirmishes. However wanting to stop FATA from getting further strong Reverse Polarities, Loda picked up the Radiance on Spectre, which did play a part in Alliance coming out ahead of the next big teamfight, with multiple buybacks coming out from both teams as the momentum swung over to the Swedes. But just as it looked as if Alliance were looking comfortable, Loda was out of position, possibly bating with his life, as he bought back instantly and Haunted back to the fight, but as he fell again Mousesports had ample time to run through the base, taking out one and a half lane of Barracks. With another pick off on Spectre before he got his buyback off cooldown, the game ultimately went the way of the Germans.

Mousesports eliminate The Alliance from the tournament on the back of a 2-1 victory.

eu Fnatic.EU vs. ua Na`Vi

Fnatic went for a offensive trilane around Lifestealer, Bane and Undying, and while they managed to get good farm for se Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu, the rest of the offensive trilane didn't quite achieve what had been hoped for, as no kills were to be found and the towers couldn't be pushed. Meanwhile ua Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin dominated mid with Queen of Pain, and as he hit level six, ua Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov's Lone Druid was able to slowly zone out fi Kalle 'Trixi' Saarinen on Brewmaster, setting Na`Vi up with two strong cores and a Juggernaut Healing Ward, which allowed them to outlast their opponents in team fights and establish decisive control over the map, forcing Fnatic back into their base. From there it was just a matter of time, as Na`Vi played a very safe and methodical game, sending in the Spirit Bear under the cover of the Healing Ward and taking down tower after tower until the game ended in their favour.

Fnatic tried to change things up a bit, sending dk Johan 'n0tail' Sundstein mid with Lion against Dendi's Storm Spirit, delying on support rotations to win him the lane. Meanwhile Funn1k abandoned the offlane, taking to the jungle. As Fnatic were unable to find good rotations, instead it was the ganking power of Storm Spirit, Lifestealer, Nyx Assassin and Dark Seer which came to run the game, coming out on top of every skirmish and pressing Fnatic once more back into their base. Unable to put up any kind of fight, a scary strong looking Na`Vi demolished Fnatic and took the series.

Na`Vi take our Fnatic.EU 2-0.

RaidCall EMS One Spring Season Finals Bracket