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The International 2019 was a record-breaking event in many regards: with its prize pool of more than $34 million and the first second-time TI winner we saw a historic Dota world championship. Also in terms of viewership, TI9 set a new record: almost 2 million people watched the Grand Finals. In comparison to last year, the TI Grand Finals saw an increase of 0.7 million viewers. In total 1.96 million people tuned in when OG and Team Liquid engaged in the final battle for the Aegis – a new record. Never before has a Dota broadcast attracted a greater audience. Most people watched the event on Twitch, which accounted for 1 million, which is about 250,000 more than last year.

TI9 pales in comparison to the Fortnite World Cup (2.33 million viewers) and the LoL Worlds 2018 (2.05 mill), but the reach this year was more than satisfying. The numbers of Chinese streaming platforms weren't taken into account, as it is extremely diffcult to get accurate numbers from the region. Considering that Dota is very popular in the country, we can assume that the actual viewer count is considerably higher still.

Photo credit: Valve