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TNC Predator's Timothy 'Tims' Randrup has criticised the behaviour of the TI attendants towards his team. According to his statement, he and his team-mates have been followed to their suite while being harassed. The critique of TNC's position 4 overshadows The International 2019. The Chinese crowd were booing the SEA squad when they entered the stage, but according to Tims, this wasn't the worst thing that happened.

In his tweet he claims that some Chinese fans didn't miss an opportunity to humiliate the squad and taunt them. This went as far as them following TNC to their hotel, harrassing them in their own personal space.

The team got back up by other Dota 2 personalities such as Eri Neeman:

Why are TNC being harassed?

Carlo 'Kuku' Palad invoked the Chinese fans' ire after using racial slurs against Chinese players in a pub game in late 2018. Valve later banned Kuku for The Chongqing Major after TNC tried to cover up the apology he isseud. Even after apologising for his behaviour and many months since then, Kuku has remained a persona non grata in the Chinese community. It was even speculated whether or not he would be issued a visa for The International 2019.

What do you think of the treatment Tims and his team-mates experienced?

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