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The Dota Pro Circuit 2018/19 is coming to an end. In the second part of this mini series, we take a look at the biggest prize pool ever, the release of Underlords and other memorable moments.

Dota 2 beats Fortnite

Traditionally, The International has been the tournament boasting the largest prize pools for a single event in esports. Even the $30 million given to the players at the Fortnite World Cup were not enough to overtake Valve's game. The prize pool is currently at more than $31 million and there are still some 26 days to go.

With that much on the line, The International 2019 promises to be an extremely exciting event. However, some voices in the community demand that some of the money spent on the Battle Pass goes to tier 2 and 3 Dota as well. Valve hasn't revealed much regarding amateur support for the next DPC season but maybe there will be changes to the system after the upcoming TI.

Newbee go to TI after all

Although the Western reinterpretation is somewhat inaccurate, the Chinese word for crisis is often cited as meaning both danger and opportunity. This wording applies to Newbee and ex-Forward Gaming very well: the former TI champion failed to qualify for TI9 directly. The Chinese line-up was already eliminated before the playoffs of The International 2019: China Qualifiers and all dreams of making it back to TI seemed to have been shattered. But in the last instant an opportunity arose that the organisation ceased to be represented at the world championship after all.

Forward Gaming announced the shutdown of their organisation although their roster easily qualified for TI9 through The International 2019: North America Qualifiers. Instead of a North American or Western organisation, Newbee stepped in and signed the five players, a win-win situation for both parties. It remains to be seen whether Newbee and the former Forward stack will continue their collaboration after TI but for the time being this seems to be the best solution possible.

Valve launches Underlords

Since the beginning of the year, Auto Chess has become an increasingly popular game mode. Valve did what they usually do best, expanded on the idea and published their own game later this year. Dota Underlords is the result and is much acclaimed by the Dota community.

The turn-based strategy game is the perfect pastime if you don't have time to play a full round of Dota or when underway. The game already features many of our favourite heroes and we can expect to get even more content in the future.

An era ends

Not everything was new this season: after almost eight years of service, Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin left the active roster of Natus Vincere. He was the last remaining player of the legendary The International 2011 line-up and can be regarded one of the most influential and popular people to ever touch the game.

Dendi tried to qualify for TI9 with NoPangolier but already failed in the Open Qualifiers. His old organisation managed to stage a comeback, however. After a disappointing season, Na'Vi were able to emerge victorious from The International 2019: CIS Qualifiers and will make their first TI appearance since 2016.

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