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Players casting games, Mason 'mason' Venne getting painted and good Dota 2 - this summarises DOTA Summit 10 perfectly. Here are the highlights of Day One. Alliance proved already in the first series why they're the favourite to win the trophy in the Beyond the Summit studios. The favourites beat J.Storm - another contender for the trophy - 2-0. The only European team competing won against TI8 participant Team Serenity, also with 2-0. Only paiN Gaming was able to take one game off of Alliance.

The Brazilian squad displayed a great performance on Day One of the tournament: paiN was victorious against compLexity Gaming and J.Storm and finished in first place next to Alliance. If both teams can continue their win streak on Day two, they'll be qualifying for the Upper Bracket in the playoffs. On top of that, every victory grants them another $1,000 extra.

The teams that disappointed the most are coL and J.Storm. Both teams were top contenders in the NA qualifiers for The International 2019 and also here at DOTA Summit 10, but they haven't won a single series in Los Angeles yet.

Highlights outside the games

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