posted by Moose,
With this edition of the joinDOTA Masters a lot of great prizes await the community. We will give out 50 (!) copies of the game BioShock Infinite and two XFX Radeon HD 7790 Graphics Cards over the course of the joinDOTA Masters (15. - 16.04.2013). Of course, your involvement will be key to grab one of these prizes, so be sure to stay tuned during the tournament days!

Awesomeness is what we need and we need you to tell us why AMD Radeon™ is awesome in the comments below. Make an effort, don´t make it too short as we will be on the hunt for quality answers. Unserious answers will be disregarded as usual. You can write multiple comments, but be sure that spamming the same comment won´t get you places.

And of course, creativity will be rewarded as we will not only give out a powerful graphics card but 50 copies of the full version of the brand new BioShock Infinite during the joinDOTA Masters. 25 via the comments and 25 via the bets.

We will choose one winner for a XFX Radeon 7790 HD graphics card from the comments below but you will also be able to win another via the betting system. Within all people who have completed placing bets on all matches from the joinDOTA Masters today and tomorrow, we will pick the lucky winner at random. So make sure to be there on time to not miss your chance (matches might be created only shortly before they start!).

And by the way, everybody planning a purchase of a new graphics card should definitely go to "Never Settle Reloaded".

Now good luck to all participants and enjoy the tournament today and tomorrow!