Despite TI slot: Forward Gaming shut down business

posted by Smyke,
It was not enough! Forward Gaming made it through the TI Regional Qualifiers, but still need to shut down business "due to insufficient financial results". It's a big surprise, but the TI participants surrounding Quinn 'CCnC' Callahan and Yawar 'YawaR' Hassan won't be playing for Forward Gaming anymore.

The CEO and Co-Founder David Dashtoyan released a statement in which he explained why Forward Gaming won't be participating in the Dota 2 Circuit.

Back in June we informed players about the company’s state and told them that we might shut down the team right after the Epicenter Major. However, we decided to wait until the end of TI qualifier in the hope that we would be able to overcome our financial difficulties. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

He stated that they won't be able "to cover players' salaries for July as well as $36,000 of players' share of prize money." The complete organisation will be shut down and all employees' contracts are being released. For now the team aren't under contract anymore, but it won't be a surprise if they'd find a new home very soon. Being represented at The International 2019 is what many organisations are hoping for.

Which organisation would be a perfect fit for the former Forward stack?

Photo credit: EPICENTER