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Midas Mode by moonduckTV returns from September 24 until October 2! Watch your favourite teams compete against each other on a completely commercialised and sold-out map. May the most cunning capitalist win! In an announcement video, entrepreneur, innovator, and evil genius Mr. Sadim presents the new format. He used all his power to destroy his poor brother's Mr. Midas's life and sell-out the entire Dota 2 map for the tournament for nothing less than $1 million.

Everything's on sale

You can purchase anything on the Dota map, and with anything, Mr. Sadim means anything. From ads on image boards, to custom structures skins, to the equipment of your heroes: if you have the bucks, you can buy it!

It's all about the money

Also the teams have to handle their money carefully. At the start of the tournament they are given a certain amount of "Moonbucks", a currrency with which they have to buy the very basic stuff that are usually free in Dota matches: drafting and banning heroes, pausing the game, and picking sides costs Moonbucks. Of course, the law of supply and demand applies here as well.

In the beginning, the pricing for drafts and bans depends on a hero's role in the current meta. The more a hero is used, the more they cost. Vice versa, less used heroes get cheaper with each game they have not been picked. As the tournament goes on for ten days, teams have to be careful with their Moonbucks. However, there will be ways to earn new funds for example by completing bounties, i.e. tricky objectives that add more spice to the game and require (sometimes oddly specific) actions from the teams and their players.

Midas Mode goes Denver, Colorado

This year, Midas Mode is going to be a LAN event for the very first time. In Denver, Colorado, fans have the opportunity to interact with players and talents on site during the event. The organisers also plan to involve the audience in the game directly. One audience member will be able to play Roshan in the pit fight without any attack speed modifiers, which means the harder they fight, the more fearsome this Rosh is going to be! Another planned gimmick will be the LAN center from which the audience can play "an entire wave of in game creeps".

What do you think about Midas Mode?

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