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With the release of the new Collector's Cache II, the prize pool of The International 2019 has received another boost. Currently, more than $29 million will be on the line in Shanghai. On July 12, Valve released the second Collector's Cache for before this year's TI. Like its predecessor, it contains a skin for one your favourite heroes, with some of them being especially rare. The models have been designed by the community and could be voted for in the workshop. The cache is at $2.49 and will be available for 30 days after its release.

There are three sets that have a lower drop chance and are more valuable: the Fowl Omen skin of Necrophos is rare, Ember Spirit's Cinder Sensei is very rare, and Juggernaut's Jagged Honor is even ultra rare. The more treasure chests you open, the higher the drop chance of the rarities becomes. Except for the Jagged Honor set, the drops are not marketable or tradebale, but can be gifted away once.

The Pudge model, Dapper's Disguise, is an homage to the late caster and esports legend John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain. He passed away around one year ago due to cancer. His passing was mourned by the entire esports community, as he did much to support its growth and was one of the most interesting characters in the gaming cosmos.

Prize pool to set another record

25% of the sales for Collector's Cache II will directly go into the TI9 prize pool. With its release, the digital content has given the TI prize pool another significant boost. In the course of about three days, some $2.5 million came on top of the $26.5 million which makes now more than $29 million in total.

With TI9 being more than one month away, the magical $30 mark has almost been breached. This is the amount, TI needs to accumulate in order to surpass the record sum that is going to be awarded at the Fortnite World Championship.

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