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Dota Summit returns! The 10th edition of the popular "behind the scenes" tournament is going to happen... and very soon. The event will even take place before The International 2019. After this special iteration of Dota Summit was cancelled in December 2018, we are going to get it this summer. From July 25-28, the competing teams will come to Los Angeles, California.

Apart from the when and where, little is known about the event as yet. The only team that seems to be set for Dota Summit 10 might be Fnatic who won the King's Cup 2: SEA in October 2018. Whether or not the team will participate has not been confirmed. Also details about the prize pool are still to be announced.

Dota Summit is a staple in the scene. It is not a pure tournament but features living room atmosphere with many exciting and entertaining activities next to the game.

Which teams do you want to see at Dota Summit 10?

Photo credit: BeyondTheSummit