TNC Predator advance by turning both games

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PSG.LGD and TNC Predator kicked off the second to last day at the EPICENTER Major. The squad from the Philippines turned out to be too much to stomach for the their opponents and advance to the next round. First things first: if you've missed the games of EPICENTER yesterday, we've gout you covered. LGD stopped OG's impressive, captainless run through the Lower Bracket, while Alliance booked their tickets for TI by giving AS Monaco Gambit a relentless beating.

Let the hunt begin

TNC Predator are as mean as a team can be. Twice they made their enemies feel comfortable, twice they staged a comeback and shattered LGD's dreams. In a astonishing 2-0 swipe, the Filipino squad made their way into Lower Bracket round 5. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

In map one, LGD had a very comfortable start into the game. Early on, they got an advantage in both hero kills and gold. In minute 22 LGD seemed to have won a decisive victory after wiping out the whole team of TNC Predator. Everything pointed to a quick 1-0 for the Chinese outfit but TNC found an engagement that brought them back into the game.

In a team effort, Kim Villafuerte 'Gabbi' Santos' Bristleback was able to eliminate almost the entire enemy team. After that, LGD couldn't stop TNC's force anymore and had to type in "GG".

Map two began in favour for LGD as well. After 18 minutes, they had once again a lead after slaugthering the Filipinos. They, in turn, answered by defending and looking for engagements that were favourable for them and wouldn't give the Chinese any more leverage. TNC nullified LGD's advantage thanks to this very effective strategy with excellent defense play.

Forcing buy back after buy back, TNC dried LGD's bank out. It was once again Gabbi, this time on Juggernaut, with the assistance of Carlo 'Kuku' Palad and Armel Paul 'Armel' Tabios, who destroyed the enemy team in this phase of the game. TNC closed out the series 2-0 after LGD failed to turn the tides losing a final battle at Roshan's.

Who is going to challenge Team Liquid?

The TNC are going to take on the winners of Alliance vs in the next round. They are going to determine who is going to challenge Team Liquid for the Grand Finals. The new team of Omar 'w33haa' Aliwi conceded their first loss against Vici Gaming in this tournament last night, after a dramatic three-game series.

Who will be TNC's next opponents?

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